Not All Good Looking Young Men Are Yahoo Boys


Following the negative report from the general public towards the SARSoperatives, the Police Public Relation Officer Badmus Opetodolapo has taken to her Instagram page to share an open letter to the operatives.

She Wrote:


Bad eggs within the Special Anti Robbery Squad (SARS), please be informed that not all good-looking young men out there are “yahoo yahoo” boys, a lot of them are young Nigerians “hustling” up and down to make ends meet.

Kindly note that some young upcoming stars believe that weaving, plaiting and designing their hairs Rastafarian is another way to be accepted as an entertainer (even though most times it doesn’t appeal to me).

Some couple of days ago, I saw the son of a high ranking officer with a dreadlock hairstyle, does that Indicate that he’s a fraudster?! Hell “No”, that young man is well trained and brought up, he’s…

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Shocker!! “Leave Yahoo Boys Alone, We Are Happy Sending Them Money” – White Woman Tells EFCC

How do you see this?

Voodoo in progress!

Well I’ll say.. That’s how much damage a proffessional scammer can do to someone’s life


A white woman has called on the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC, to leave Yahoo boys alone and stop hunting them for their cyber crimes because they are not complaining.

In a video shared online, the woman said they don’t mind sending their money to Yahoo boys because they make them happy. She added that it is the duty of white women to make Yahoo boys fresh.

She said:

“EFCC Nigeria, leave Yahoo boys alone. It’s our duty to make them fresh. We are happy sending the boys money because they make us happy”.

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How I got to 1000 followers – the honest story

Simple, short and impressive!

The Perks of being Different

I’m not going to lie, I have been wanting to write this post ever since I started.
Blogging has been fun, although I did encounter some frustration here and there.

Unlike some of you, I actually do care about likes and followers.
For a large amount of my life nobody has been interested in talking or listening to me and now, suddenly 1000 people are!
That’s not completely true btw. On an average I get 50 likes per post, that’s 5% of the followers. Some hit “like” without reading, I’m sure. And I’d say I only interact with around 10 people regularly.
Impressive, huh?

maxresdefaultAnyhow, my initial goal for blogging was to get rich and famous so I don’t have to depend on office jobs which never seem to make me really happy.
And to do that, you have to become an influencer a la Kim K.
Of course in…

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