This post happens to be my first, after creating this anti-scam campaign blogsite, which is serving the main purpose of this site’s creation.

I’ve always wanted justice to prevail in every nook and cranny, and today am 101% aware of the latest cyber vices, the worst cyber vices of our days, and their devastating effects on the victims and the entire universe as a whole. I’ve read stories about scams in various forms, and right now am concentrating on the type that most people are most cognizant with. Dating shams, targeted most especially at well doing women in their mid 50s or older from outstanding countries like the U.S.A., Australia, U.K, China, Poland, Germany, Russia, Italy, Thailand to mention but a few, because this category of women are perfectly vulnerable to them, as a reasonable number of women in this category are widows who seek life partners, pensioners, well established wealthy women, all in a comfort requiring age group.

Be therefore, warned to avoid strangers sending friend requests and messages to you via Facebook, skype, Instagram, e.t.c, posing to be doctors, engineers, U.S Captains and Army Generals, who eventually at the end, make endless demand of money from you! They’re not real, their stories, I bet, is incredibly convincing, but it’s discernibly false! Come on, think! Why would High profiled persons like Army Generals or Captains, Doctors and Engineers working with the U.N., come from nowhere, get your email, facebook, skype or Instagram details, fall in love with you, have time to talk with you while in the middle of war? Or in the middle of the sea? And eventually would have NO ONE ELSE to contact in need of money, BUT YOU?!! It’s so awkward, although they always present with such a cunning line, but in order not to fall victim, don’t be so sympathetic dear; and for those who lives with this, “seeing is believing”, be warned, there are cams (self made videos) played by these scammers in your video calls, typing and/or waving at you, BUT NOT TALKING TO YOU, or at least, not calling your name; it’s fake.

These scammers are especially in Western Africa, channeling transactions to Ghana via MoneyGram and WesternUnion Money Transfer. It is obviously their full time job, using pictures of estimable entities of respectable backgrounds, to beguile and dwindle people of their money. If you’ve ever been a victim before, you can leave your comment in the box below this post, and if you’ve not….?? You might be in a danger, as new ways of getting your hard earned money from you arises everyday, like credit card hacking, or even hacking money into your account and framing you up for illegal fund possession. Look the next post up for the stories, pics and cams they use in their deceptive scheme



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  1. I have been scammed before, and your post already described everything, the scammer who posed as a doctor working in the U. N got 20,000dls from me, it was a horrible experience


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