Welcome to yet another phase of the sc@m sT0ri3s.. This is a tremendous part of the story, I call this a self explanative explosion of scam exposure. Just take a good view at these videos, and don’t be selfish, share with family and friends, all over facebook, Instagram, pinterest, wherever you are, your entire neighborhood, ‘cos this is crazy!! All the scammers just have to do is play this video while making video calls, and it will display just they way you watch it, typing to you, but not talking to you.

This man is a great example of a reputable identity used by scammers, he has 10s or more than a hundred pictures and cams (self made videos), existing in the web, handled by thousands of scammers, millions of scam victims know him, but, oops, they really don’t know him. He’s Luca Gerati, a face well known, and a true personality hardly discovered.

A video of Luca Gerati bare bodied, on his computer.. they could easily say they just came out of the bathroom or back from swimming for the scammers posing to be U.S Sailors, blah blah blah..

Just to convince you they’re in the night time.. Manycams trick..

+18 ONLY… This is crazy! Incredibly convincing! Women who has been made to fall in love by these scammers, definitely will get trapped by this dirty proof

Another bare-bodied cam.

And the last but not the least, the way they place these videos in skype after setting the manycam to override the camera, playing cams for their victims during video calls and making it look like real, and when I say real, I mean it’s so real it’s gonna drive you crazy if they use it on you right now.. Now you see the application used to play cams (videos) in place of the camera during video calls, if you wanna get a hold of them, tell them to write your full name in a paper and show it to you on the live video call; they can provide every other thing for you, Valid IDs, talk to you with Educated Western Accent, call you with U.S phone numbers, or whatever phone numbers they want to use on you, depending on your discussions with them, but don’t fall for that, a pal from Ghana and Nigeria can always easily do that with various new applications mainly invented for such procreation purposes or just fun.


These are other profiles exploited to defraud innocent victims

How do you feel after reading this post? Have you been scammed before or not? Don’t forget to drop your comments and share this post in a lightning speed, save a victim now, scammers ain’t sleepers! Next victim could be you or a next door neighbor.



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    1. Scammers use various names and pictures which makes them invisible to securities, but if you have the real identity of any scammer, only that could be more useful. Thanks for contributing ma’am. Have a merry Christmas and a Prosperous New Year #TEAMCYBERAPROKO


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