Another story used by scammers!! Ever heard this before??

It’s devastating how scammers brain wash their victims with their incredibly deceitful stories.. Below is the story reportedly given to an anonymous reporter, who has came across a scammer who claimed to be a U.S Captain, in his mission to disclaim existence of any relations, siblings, parents, wife, e.t.c so that when they ask for money, they won’t be directed to ask help from their families


“It all started some years ago when my parents and my only sister died in plane Crash accident My father was the formal minister of state defense in New Jersey 1993, So when my father, my mother, and my only sister were coming from Samoa April to New Zealand, they got a plane crash and all died


I was in service at the Pacific when I got this terrible news that my family were all victims of the plane crash, I cried so hard, but as a man, I need to be strong, so when I returned back from Iraq to US, I went morning for my parents and my beloved sisters, I even thought to kill my self as I felt the pain and sorrow of my life, but my wife advised me to calm and forget what has happened and I further ahead with my life


But then I was a junior Sailor , so I went on with my family from New Jersey to stay in Washington DC. with my late wife and son, for over 7 years
I later got the transfer Issue later to come over to Korea due to some misunderstanding Issue they had with China, and then I stayed in Korea for over 2
years when I got the news that my wife is seriously sick of heart disease. One month later, I hurried up to leave from Korea to Washington DC. But before I go there, the condition of my wife is so critical that the doctor could not save her life and she died right in my presence at the hospital.

I had no hope, no option left than to take care of my only son, after some months, I received a letter to leave from Washington DC to here in Afghanistan, Then I had no choice than to ask my friend to care for my son”

It’s such a heartbreaking story, every soul with a good heart will feel pity for this man, but this is a world where wisdom is better used than heart, so be wise, and don’t listen to such pathetic lies that are served to you to poison your mind and exploit your kindness.


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