Scam Alert 3!!!

This is another shocking evidence that video calls are no longer to be trusted, as scammers play self-made videos (cams) of the people they impersonate

The man whose photos and cams have been discovered to be used my a great number of times is Mark Greening, so watch out for scammers using these pics and cams to fool you



Pics with family




Never trust a person you never saw before, scammers are very tricky and professional; do not send money to a person you met online on Facebook, twitter etc., or even believe their made-up stories. Be ScamSmart and don’t forget to share this to people you love and prevent them from being scammed, and drop your comments in our comment box


6 thoughts on “Scam Alert 3!!!

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    1. Hi there Jeannette! According to my own research, the name of this man is Luca Gerati.
      Feel free to correct this information if you have a better evidence on this. Thanks for commenting, and Merry Christmas to you, from #TEAMCYBERAPROKO


  1. Hello..
    I thank you for your answer. Wanted to know how the man posing as MARK GREENING rel is called !! Hope to work together, as my little brother took his own life 5 years ago … I hunt this scammer.
    LATEST: This Johnny, Mark Greening have come to me with the take Dawn Hubberstey and Scott Parker report, most recently as OLIVER COLLINS


    1. Sorry for our initial response to your response, he’s not known as Luca Gerati but Mark Greening.
      And in regards to this your second comment, do you mean your younger sibling committed suicide on frustration caused by a scammer who used this man’s personality? Scammers who get their victims via blind chats are almost impossible to get, because in their course, they do not reveal a bit of their personal info, pictures or bios, using fast and shady fund transfer methods like MoneyGram, WesternUnion or credit cards owned by other brainwashed victims. Therefore, I will personally advice everyone to avoid them, because it might be just too late to cry when the head is off. The best way you can get a scammer is tracking him down to wherever you are sending the money to, down to the recipient’s country where you’ll have to report the case to the country’s Anti-crime Agency, like in Nigeria, they are the ECONOMIC AND FINANCIAL CRIME COMMISSION (EFCC); They will get the person tracked, arrested and tried.
      Hope this response clears your uncertainties?
      Complements from us!


  2. Mark Greening ?? sorry with Mark Greening I also had my pleasure, he also wanted money! his son has lost his credit card and has an exam in school !! If I can send $ 300. Yes, my brother started suicidal because this man issued an ad for private credit, and in Austria a young lady (38 years old) started suicidal !! I take this very seriously, it is getting worse scammers! I also sent an email to Mr. President … in my opinion it would be very important that the Americans help !!


    1. Sadly, am afraid the whole issue is a scam madam. They’ve obviously scammed you by convincing you there’s a son out there in Africa who needs money, it’s an immature lie. If I can understand what you said very well, your brother and an Austrian woman, committed suicide (Killed themselves) simply because they got scammed; there has been thousands of cases of suicides by victims of scamming but that should never be an option for anyone, killing yourself won’t solve any problem as far as this is concerned.
      Be wise! Thanks for commenting.


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