Have you ever been told any of these stories by someone you met online before??? If you have, you’ll be shocked to find out the truth behind these fishy stories.

“Have you ever been told any of these stories by someone you met online before??? If you have, you’ll be shocked to find out the truth behind these fishy stories, if you’ve never heard any of these before, you might wanna read this, ‘cos it’s sounds so genuine you’ll fall a scam victim in a moment, and the next moment, you’ll get bankrupt.. This article’s just for you if your wish is to be scam smart.

Scammers who get their victims bankrupt through blind dating and impersonation in such a professional manner, always have an already prepared sequence of words or format of texts which they utilize in the quest to convince their victims to send money to a certain destination account, could be to a bank account in any country, maybe even in your own country, but at most times, it happens to be via MoneyGram and WesternUnion Money Transfer to Western African Countries like Nigeria and Ghana. 

If you ever meet a person online who claims to be a person of high status or position, sometimes at national, international or world level, maybe a doctor or an engineer working in the United Nation (U.N), or a U.S Sailor, Captains claiming to be in the middle of the seas or an Army General in a war ground(Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, blah blah, bullshit! Real Generals don’t do that), and just wanting to talk to someone online to kill the boredom and make good friends or search a life partner, they’re F A K E!! Block them, report their profiles and don’t even give a second thought to giving way to their stories and sending money to them, or else, you’ll be W R E C K E D before you even know it!!! take that from me.

Now let’s go into the real details, the facts, the formats they always use in approaching you when they’re at the verge of extracting your cash from you.

The first is a blast! Man, I gotta put this down to you, it’s a pretty interesting one that any simple hearted person will like to help out, the consignment story. You’re convinced here all you got to do is receive a briefcase, and when you finally agree, you’re convinced to sponsor a little bill for change of ownership and then for the shipment fee (transportation fee), and it goes on like that with more genuine-looking excuses till you finally realize you’ve spent a lot already and you just want to see the end of it all, but don’t! If you send more money to just see the end, there’s no end to it, you’ll finally gonna find yourself borrowing money to send to them.. Here’s the CONSIGNMENT STORY BELOW.

                                      CONSIGNMENT STORY

   “Hello Honey with the Step of trust and wiliness I will Need your Assistance, I Deposited a briefcase Containing $100,000 with One Security Company, some Years ago.
Honey I received an email from the CEO of the Company that they are having a Big Problem with the present Government, due to change of Power, and the Government is trying to close down the COMPANY, that is the Reason why they are Informing all their Foreign Beneficiary to ship out there Goods and Funds out from their Security Company Immediately before the Deciding of the Case in the High Court of Justice .

Baby as you know I am still in the Mediterranean sea, so I am seeking your Assistance to help me Receive the Funds because the CEO have promise me that they will Deliver the Funds to my Beneficiary in any of my Chosen Destination……

Please baby if this Proposal is accepted by you, Kindly write back to me Signifying your Interest I also which you send me your home address where the fund would be delivered, as soon I Receive your email with the information I will write back to the Company and forward your Information to them so they can Proceed with the delivering of the funds to your House Address Immediately, and they will make a contact to you before anything move.

Baby I don’t want you to discuss about this transaction with any body due to authorization purpose I want you to keep everything concerning this transaction confidential And I was advise by the agent will not be aware of the briefcase content as funds never in any circumstance should you let them know the content and I declare the box as Family Treasure for safe delivery of the briefcase to your doorstep I will come over in a weeks time as soon as you receive the briefcase I will make all the necessary arrangement to travel out here to be with you in your country and Please keep the briefcase in a safe secured place before my arrival and if you can handle this in honesty”


Wow! This is pretty startling! Is this a joke or something?? THEY GOT LEGAL DOCUMENTS TO SHOW AS EVIDENCE, COMPANY AND CUSTOM PAPERS TO WORK WITH!! What else could they not do?? Money, Gold, that’s just all about consignment story; Am sure you don’t want them to lose the money and the gold, aww, you’re so kind, but hey, sometimes you got to be wiser than you’re kind, your money, YOUR ENTIRE LIFE SAVINGS is going down the drain if you ever think about helping them get their GHOST BRIEFCASE 

Keep scrolling and read other posts to see other mind blowing lies scammers use to dwindle innocent friends, drop your opinions in the comment box, and don’t forget to share this post, a stitch in time they say, saves nine.




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