How-To Detect A Scammer… A MUST READ FOR ALL!!!

Sick of blind-dating for so long on social medias just to end up finding out they’re actually fake! scammers! Then you gotta pay attention to this short, interestingly rich article

How-To-Detect Instructions and Facts You’ve Been Too Blind To Even Observe

If your desire is not to let your heart be tossed with, played with for long, playing around with a scammer thinking you’ve found your life partner, just hold on to these How-To instructions and become invulnerable to scam attacks

Rule No 1: Don’t accept friend requests from people you do not know on any social media, it always turns out they come up with fishy stories about their personal info and background. Dating scammers posing to be doctors, engineers, Generals and Captains for instance, always will always come up with a story that they lost every family and relatives they’ve got, so watch out when they ask for help, remember you really don’t know them.

Rule No 2: They always end up trying to make you fall deeply in love. Be smart, they’re professional and really patient, but watch out when they try to make you fall in love and just start promising you marriage; they just want your complete trust and interest in helping them when the time comes.

Rule No 3: Don’t trust them because of ID Cards, pictures and provided documents (like consignment forms, marriage certificates, change of ownership of ghost money box, etc.), they’re all faked. Think about it yourself, this is a computer age, where everything is done with the aid of computer, anyone can get any kind of ID Card, an Army General’s ID, a German General’s ID, a Captain’s ID, an Engineers ID, maybe that of someone working with the U.N, etc.., don’t fall for that.

Below is an example of a fake ID


You can also follow this link to see more

Rule No 4: Are you in love with the man who’s voice you hear each time you call? Well believe me, your Mr. Romeo may not be any better looking than this:handsome prince

Hilarious! I already explained in one of my previous posts how scammers play videos for you and make you think you’re seeing them live on a video call, skype to be precise, then they talk to you on audio calls, some talk via WhatsApp and some use foreign numbers depending on your country, U.S.A, Australia, China, etc., or even domestic numbers from their home countries like Ghana, Nigeria, etc.

Let me give you another tip on this, if you are dating a scammer right now and he has on any occasion appeared on video call before and you wonna know if he’s real, use this trick as a test; tell him or her to write your full name on a paper and show it to you on the video.. that’s a buster!

Rule No 5: Demand For Money. This is simply inevitable. All kinds of scams and frauds is organized with the intent of making money. So be wise and smart enough to detect a scammer at the point he demands for money or offers you money, anyhow, just know you’re gonna be losing money if they should ever mention money to you.

So many individuals have been left financially wrecked because of their inability to realize this, as they are persistently pestered to send money to them with solid reasons. Reasons may look beautifully genuine, but don’t be a victim pal, your money is meant for you to spend wisely, not to send to people you never met. BE WISE

Rule No 6: Very important to note are the preferred Money Transfer Services. When a victim is finally brain-washed and convinced to send money to them, they usually give their preference for the money transfer; this is to ensure a easier, faster and most essentially irreversible way of money payments. Services like MoneyGram, Western Union, Credit Cards, etc.., are remarkable methods of payments preferred by scammers; though some still make use of bank accounts transfers, so just be careful, investigate thoroughly before sending money to anyone via these channels, that’s if you’re still convinced you really want to waste that money.

Rule No 7: This is actually more of a tip than a rule, and it’s just a few words of wisdom for you; hopefully a word that can enlighten a confused and brain-washed soul. This is for you dating an Army General or Captain, or an Engineer or Doctor working with the United Nation (U.N), etc., do you really think that people of such high classes could really be so broken and fall in need of FINANCIAL HELP? Come on! Wake up and be in your right senses! This is an electronic world, anyone can control his money from any part of the world, they don’t need your money if they have to solve a problem while away from home, you’re just being used!

Rule No 8: Don’t share this with a scammer, less you’ll be educating them on how to scam smarter, just read and be enlightened and cut off contacts with them instantly


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